I’m Eve, 28 years old and my love of the mountains goes back to my earliest years.
However, it took many years of study, then a big trip and lots of walking and bivouacking for me one day to come up with the idea of making this passion my job. Well, one of my jobs! Because I’m also a writer (one of my novels will be published in the spring by Le Ver à Soie!) and a video-maker (I share my adventures on foot, by bike and in mountaineering on my YouTube channel, in the Alps and all over France and abroad). In the right season, you’ll often come across me in sandals, walking or running as close as possible to Mother Earth. In winter, you’re more likely to hear me complaining about the weight of my ski touring or alpine boots! All year round, I cultivate a sense of wonder at what nature has to offer, from the little self-sufficient mountain flower to the crevasses of glaciers and the flight of a bearded vulture.

As a native of the Alps with a passion for the mountains
I travelled the world from an early age. This gave me a strong appetite
for discovery, adventure, meeting new people, the international scene and foreign languages, a diverse mountain activities (skiing, mountaineering, climbing, hiking) and a desire to share my passion with others, hiking) and a desire to share my passion (alpine club team leader, and professional mountain leader)

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